Thursday, February 12, 2004
Uncivil Union

To all who think that Willard Mitt is a strong leader, reforming Massachusetts politics and reshaping the Republican Party, we give you ... embattled state Rep. Shaun Kelly (R-Dog-gone), whose grip and grin the Fraud Governor missed last week due to a snow shower. (See RiaF, 2/6/2004)

Well, Kelly has had his revenge. And doesn't Romney look silly now; the Man who would be Cheney can't even hold Sagging Shaun in line.

How ignoble.

Yesterday, Kelly's New York-based consultant issued a statement that as "the longest serving Republican representative" he (Kelly, not the consultant) supported gay marriage. (source: office of Rep. Kelly, "State's longest-serving Republican Representative intends to vote against any constitutional amendment that restricts marriage -- and speaks out in support of the Supreme Judicial Court's decision," 2/22/2004 ? and yes, that is the actual title of the statement)

Aside from the fact that being "the longest serving Republican representative" is a bit like setting the world record for most home-runs for the Pawtucket Red Sox, yeah, it's wicked cool, but if you were any good, you'd be somewhere else, Kelly just made an enemy.

The Fraud Governor, who thinks that everyone but his great-grandfather should be in a traditional marriage, has made the gay marriage ban a loyalty vote. And not only did Kelly vote off, but he pointedly stood up and spit in Team Reform's face.

So how 'bout this for a campaign slogan: "Republican Shaun Kelly - he hates the racing industry as much as the Republican Party hates him!"

(Hmmm, so now who's going to bring all that local aid back to the distr ... oh yeah. Kelly never brought local aid back to the district when he had friends in the corner office. Forget it.)

There were two votes yesterday on gay marriage, and Sagging Shaun voted agin 'em both.

But what really hurt Willard Mitt was the fact that the first vote, to approve a constitutional amendment against gay marriage and civil unions, failed by just two votes.

And the other Republican renegades? Senate Minority Leader Brian Lees (R-E. Longmeadow) and two of his lieutenants.

Wait a minute, Republican leadership voted against Republican leadership? If only two of these guys had flipped, Romney would be today claiming victory.

Hey Cindy Gillespie ... nice job organizing the delegation.

According to the Globe, Romney yesterday "shared views with lawmakers 'who I think I can have influence with.'" (source: Boston Globe, 2/12/2004)

Great. So did you call anyone other than Sen. Bob Hedlund (R-WWF)?

Wait a minute, he voted against you, too (on the second question.)

Now all Romney can do is make weak statements about how he will block gay marriage until a vote can be finagled in 2006. (source: Boston Globe, 2/12/2004)

So much for the Fraud Governor's promise to "follow the law as provided by the Supreme Judicial Court, even if we don't agree with it." (source: Boston Globe, 2/9/2004)

Sounds like it's been reformed.


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