Friday, February 27, 2004
Tinker, Tax Tout, Sailor, Fraud

Willard Mitt said he would amend Proposition 2 ½. His exact quote was, "I propose a 10-year sales tax moratorium on hybrid vehicles and reworking the vehicle excise tax in a revenue-neutral fashion to encourage the purchase of fuel-efficient cars." (source: Boston Globe, 10/12/2002)

Which meant Romney wanted to drop some lucky driver’s excise tax, while increasing some unlucky driver’s excise tax. Which meant that Romney proposed increasing the excise tax. And as Willard Mitt’s new best pal, BaaBaa Anderson, could attest, Proposition 2 1/2 cut the excise tax from 6.6 percent to 2.5 percent of a vehicle's book value. (source: Boston Globe, 9/30/1990) Under Prop 2 1/2, you can't 'rework the vehicle excise tax.' Not even for one unlucky taxpayer.

Which means Romney proposed tinkering with Prop 2 ½. (Not that he personally cared. The last time we checked, the Fraud Governor was tooling around in a Chevy pickup truck with New Hampshire plates. (source: Boston Herald, 4/30/2003))

But now Romney has decided to unpropose his proposal to amend Prop 2 ½. (Or so he proposes!)

Willard Mitt recently promised to squash any senior citizen tax relief plan "to take the burden away from senior citizens and keep them away from the voting booth to stop Prop. 2 ½ overrides." (source: SHNS, 2/26/2004)

Wait a minute, Romney won't cut seniors taxes because he wants to unburden them? He is refusing to lower their taxes to help them? The Fraud Governor's rationale makes us think that he spent the Vietnam War interning in the Pentagon, rather than hiding in a French bakery. We have to wonder, though, if Romney's 'I refuse to lower seniors taxes' is a revenue issue, or just another in Team Reform's long line of 'Seniors Stink' initiatives.

And then Willard Mitt made his Shermanesque decree: "I will veto anything which tinkers with Prop. 2 ½."

Anything which tinkers with Prop 2 1/2.

Groovy. So, we have to ask: would Romney veto Romney's plan to change the excise tax?

And if Sailor Scott "Beefcake" Brown was invited to the veto ceremony, would he have to wear pants?


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