Monday, February 02, 2004
Staging a Houston Home-Coming?

In honor of Willard Mitt’s abdication of ethics this Super Bowl weekend, we are taking Monday off. Hey, if the Fraud Governor doesn’t have to work, why should we?

However, we do have a follow-up to Romney's 'ticketgate' contretemps: the Fraud Governor claimed he received his Super Bowl tickets from "old friend" Robert White. (source: Boston Globe, 1/30/2004) However, White, who chaired Team Reform’s transition committee (source: Boston Globe, 12/1/2002) appears to be less Romney’s ‘old friend’ than political crony.

Why hasn't anyone asked how White came to possess his Big Game ducats? For example, if a lobbyist slipped the tickets to White, and White shared them with Romney, wouldn't the lobbyist, by extension, have given the tickets to Romney? Would that transaction be legal, or ethical?

Not that we believe Willard Mitt would ever do anything unethical! At least not in Houston. After all, he's a Bain man; he has a reputation to uphold.


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