Monday, February 23, 2004
PRIM Time Player

The state's nine-member Pension Reserve Investment Management Board (PRIM) is a rarity in state government. Structurally, the Board falls under the aegis of the state Treasurer's office (and the Treasurer acts as its chair), but the (fraud) Governor picks most of its appointed members. (source: Boston Globe, 10/2/2003)

Last week, Michael Travaglini (who served as first deputy to former state Treasurer Shannon O'Brien) was appointed executive director of the PRIM Board (source: Boston Globe, 2/20/2004, 2/21/2004), an appointment made possible by all three of Willard Mitt's appointees who voted "whatever you command, my liege."

Which left us wondering if Lightweight LG Sherry Kerry Healey sent a note of congratulations, and apology, because not too long ago, she called Travaglini (who used to be state Treasurer Shannon O'Brien's first deputy treasurer) an unqualified hack.

Okay, so Healey's exact quote was "patronage such as this, waste and mismanagement has characterized Shannon O'Brien's tenure as treasurer. We need strong leadership from someone who is independent of the special interests and the lobbyists at the State House." (source: Boston Herald, 9/19/2002) But if you mix up the letters, we're pretty sure they spell 'unqualified hack.'

Romney/Healey Inc spokesmoll, Shawn Feddeman, continued the slander, snarling that "political connections have taken precedence over qualifications in the treasurer's office." (source: Worcester T&G, 9/19/2002)

But now Travaglini's their man. Go figure. Team Reform can't even talk straight about people they profess not to like.

Predictably, back when the venom was flying, Willard Mitt played 'good cop' and spoke less harshly of Travaglini. But he did pose a rhetorical, albeit prescient question: "I don't know Michael Travaglini. . . . Is he going to work in my administration?" (source: Boston Herald, 9/25/2002)

To which we would rhetorically answer: 'sort of.'

Malone Watch

Yet another member of the Lost Tribe of Joe Malone has come in from the cold. The Fraud Governor has appointed Greg White to the PRIM Board. (source: Boston Herald, 2/21/2004) White formerly served as Malone's Michael Travaglini from 1993 through 1997. (source: SHNS, 2/21/2004)

Which means that the only member of the Lost Tribe not yet working for Team Reform is ... Joe Malone.

And Richard Arrighi. But he'll be available by 2006.


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