Thursday, February 26, 2004
The Naked and the Dread

How well do you know your state Senate candidates?

For example, who said, "There was a period in my life when I was a real jerk. I was beating up on kids and stealing." (source: Boston Globe, 6/10/1982)

If you guessed the Honorable Scott Brown of Wrentham, you are right!

How about, "Glamour, sex, being an object - that stuff can only go so far. I want people to see that I'm a nice guy. Women look at me and think, hmmm, I wonder if he's good in bed." (source: Boston Globe, 6/10/1982)

Scott Brown? Right again!

Okay, what about "Men are jealous too. But they're not the men who count. They're not men who are my friends." (source: Boston Globe, 6/10/1982)

Brown? Yay!

"But once, a teacher saw me yell at a girl. She took me aside and said: You know you're better looking than anyone here but there's no need for you to act like a (expletive deleted). You're obnoxious. You've got to learn to be nice to people who are fat, ugly and have green teeth." (source: Boston Globe, 6/10/1982)


"A lot of people are good looking, great looking, but that's all they seem to have: looks. Everybody is looking for a personable person. I have not yet met the kings of the male model world but I know competition is keen." (source: Boston Globe, 6/10/1982)


"After this incident, I clearly have a higher name identification than any of the other announced or potential candidates for governor."

Brown? Nope, sorry. That would be the other nekked Republican, Greg Hyatt. (source: Boston Globe, 4/10/1986) But we can see how you'd get them mixed up.

Mr. Brown Jeans

According to the Rat Line, Beefcake Brown may have appeared in one or more ads for Jordache jeans. If anyone out there can find and send us a copy of those ads, we'll make sure a major league reward wends its way to you and yours.

All entries must be received by nine o'clock, Monday morning.

We suggest you wear rubber gloves when hunting.


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