Tuesday, February 10, 2004
MA State GOP Support of Scott Brown Bytes

Remember how Willard Mitt and his cronies at the state GOP really, really wanted to get more Republicans elected to the legislature? And how they promised to get off to a fast start by electing state Rep. Scott Brown to the Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex state senate seat formerly held by Cheryl Jacques?

Well, if the state GOP website is any indication of the level of support that Crate and Co. are lending Brown, he might want to hold off on ordering any new gold-embossed stationary.

First, check out the Calendar on the GOP homepage. You'd figure that Brown's March 2nd election would be listed as a major event, right?

You would be wrong. It's not even listed as a minor event.

In fact, the calendar skips March 2nd all together.

Okay, next jump to the "Events and News" page. Brown is certainly deserved of an Events and News peg, if only to help spread the word about upcoming fund-raisers, right?

Again, no. The page has no sign of Brown. it does, however, have a "Top-Secret Song List" purportedly from a John Kerry fund-raiser. Perhaps it's coded to say good things about Brown's candidacy if you read it backwards.

But without a decoder ring, Brown news is MIA.

Next check out the "Get Involved" section of the website. For continuity, pull up the "Wrentham" page. (Wrentham is Brown's hometown.)

Holy smokes, not only was there no "Help Scott Brown" link to help you Get Involved, but the site lists the Wrentham state senator as ... Cheryl Jacques, a full five weeks after she vacated her office.

So just what is the state GOP doing for GOP candidate Scott Brown? Other than sending GOP junior strongman Dom Ianno to the Patriot's Super Bowl parade? (source: Rat Line)

Well, we're sure they're lining up to take credit if Brown wins.

And if Brown loses? They'll undoubtedly blame the date the election was held.

Or they'll blame Jane Swift (R-FlagBearer).

Sure beats blaming themselves.

The only question now is 'when will the state GOP amend their web-site to include Brown?' Two hours after this is posted? How about two days (because 'they were going to do it, anyway')? How about never?

Hey Rep. Brown, the next time Crate and Co. decide to "help" you, make them buy you flowers first.


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