Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Hand-Me-Down Beefcake Brown

You look at the picture more than once. You check the face, just to make sure it’s really him. And you check to see if he is really naked. (He is.) Then you check the face again.

Then you wonder what he’s holding in his hand.

And then, if you’re at all like us you wonder if this is the same guy you’ve been hearing about: the Navy vet; the family man; the standard-bearer for family values.

Then you’ll look back and realize – he’s naked!

Yesterday, the Scott Brown for State Senate campaign issued a press release titled “Where’s the Beef?” and asked what their opponent has to hide. (source: Scott Brown for State Senate, 2/24/2004)

Which we found very timely. Because yesterday we received pictures of Scott Brown which raised a few questions of our own:

Where’s the Beef? And what does Scott Brown have to hide? Maybe more than meets the eye!

Why does Brown keep telling everyone he meets that he's against gay marriage? Who is he trying to convince?

If we see Scott Brown on the street (do we have to shake his hand?) and should we say, "Good day, Mr. Representative," or "Hello, Sailor!"


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