Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Follow The (Fraud) Leader

You may know that May 1 is "Law Day," particularly if you are a judge, a lawyer, a law student, or a state rep who has made a speech memorializing a new, a refurbished, or (if you are in Taunton), a recently condemned courthouse.

But we'd bet no one has heard of "Follow the Law Day."

However, if you can believe recent mutterings by Willard Mitt, "Follow the Law Day," (a new state holiday?), is about to be created.

"My position is quite clear. I haven't wavered. I'm not waiting for a public opinion poll to tell me where I should come out on this. I've indicated from the very beginning what my position is and I'm going to be entirely consistent throughout this discussion. There are certain acts that I can take within the law with regards to filing legislation and the like and I'll evaluate all the options which exist within the law, and I intend to follow the law fully as it exists day-to-day and particularly as they exist on May 17." (source: 02133.org)

Team Reform intends to follow the law(s) as they exist on May 17.

Which means, we presume, that on May 17, the Fraud Governor will fire the two Educational Management Audit Council members who have missed more than two meetings (source: Boston Globe, 2/15/2004), and the two pathologists who were appointed to the Commission on Medicolegal Investigation despite not being certified in forensic pathology by the American Board of Pathology, as the law requires. (source: Boston Globe, 1/14/2004)

Then, perhaps, Romney can set about creating another holiday: "Try Not To Be A Fraud Day."


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