Friday, February 06, 2004

Willard Mitt wants to build the Republican Party by sponsoring legislative candidates and getting new blood into the State House. According to Republican State Committee junior strongman Dom Ianno, "(Fraud) Governor Romney wants real reform, and he needs help in the Legislature. The current group of legislators, minus the Republican caucus, are not working in the interests of the public." (source: Boston Globe, 12/21/2003)

But if the whispers can be believed, the Fraud Governor's "real reform" is causing heartburn for the few old blood Republicans that are currently in office.

Which means that, one day after cavorting in the Wall Street Journal (and before a snow shower cancelled his trip), Willard Mitt had planned on winging it west to visit Wahconah Regional High School (source: SHNS, 2/6/2004) to lend some in-kind support for one of his suddenly sagging solons, state Rep. Shaun P. Kelly (R-Dalton). (source: Rat Line)

How ignoble.

Kelly, who took $5,800 in per diem reimbursements from the taxpayers in 2003 (source: North Adams Transcript, 1/14/2004), is a one-dimensional state representative known largely for his repeated attempts to close two pari-mutual dog tracks that operate in eastern Massachusetts.

Perhaps justifying why he spends so much time focussing on activities that do not impact his Second Berkshire House district, Kelly said, “This is a moralistic issue. I don't like the industry. I would just feel better if this state where I live and where I pay taxes did not allow dog racing.” (source: Boston Herald, 5/16/1999)

However, this is not to imply Kelly ignores issues that impact his district.

Just last year, for example, Sagging Shaun took two votes that had very large local impacts: records indicate he voted to sustain gubernatorial vetoes that could have denied kindergarten and school breakfast services to schoolchildren in Becket, Cheshire, Dalton, Hancock, Hinsdale, Lanesborough, New Ashford, Peru, Richmond, Washington, Windsor, Pittsfield, Ashfield, Bernardston, Buckland, Colrain, Leyden, Northfield, Shelburne, Cummington, Middlefield and Plainfield. (source: House Journal, roll calls 149 & 252, 2003)

And under Kelly's tutelage the three regional school districts in Sagging Shaun’s Second Berkshire district took among the largest Chapter 70 (education) cuts in the Commonwealth, with Central Berkshire realizing a twelve percent education cut, and a 57 percent cut in transportation aid.

Talk about going to the dogs! So much for working "in the interests of the public."



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