Tuesday, January 20, 2004

What will Willard Mitt do?

Back when everyone who believes the Boston Globe thought the presidential hopes of Sen. John Kerry were dim and dimmer, Willard Mitt mounted his Shetland pony and promised to campaign in New Hampshire for the pension rights of Andrew Natsios. (source: Boston Globe, 1/13/2004)

But now that the state of Iowa has confirmed Scot Lehigh’s status as an analytical zombie (source: Boston Globe, 11/12/2003) Romney is in the dicey position of either staying home and breaking his promise to the White House or heading north to the Flinty State to try to beat Kerry.

So why should Romney think twice about trying to take down Kerry? If things work out, Kerry will be president, and in a position to greatly help the Commonwealth.

Romney claims to love Massachusetts. (source: speech to Worcester Regional Research Burea, 6/11/2003) So let’s see what he puts first, his obligation to the welfare of the people of Massachusetts, or his ego to play on a larger stage.

Besides, what’s the worst that anyone will say if Romney does to the New Hampshire GOP what he did to Arnold “Horndog” Schwarzenegger? That he broke a promise?

We’d guess he's heard it before.


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