Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Romney Salutes … ME

After years of saying that the problem is leadership, not lucre, Willard Mitt recently flipped, admitted that quality follows quids, and announced he would 'solve' the management problems of the state Medical Examiners office by … increasing its budget.

He explained his change in philosophy by saying "The Chief Medical Examiner's Office has been chronically underfunded for more than a decade. This additional funding in my budget will allow the office to purchase new lab equipment and make other sorely needed upgrades to bring the office into the 21st century." (source: office of (fraud) gov, “Romney proposes increased funding for Medical Examiner, 1/12/2004)

Quality will follow increased funding in the medical examiners office? Wow.

Would quality also follow increased funding in municipal libraries? Then why is Team Reform "solving" library under-funding by increasing the number of waivers that towns can get to avoid having to meet state funding standards? (source: Boston Globe, 1/8/2004)

Or does quality only follow increased funding in agencies that lose their client’s heart or eyeballs? (source: Boston Globe, 12/2/2003)

But Romney didn’t stop there.

The Fraud Governor blamed the mess-in-the-ME’s office on his predecessor, former Gov. Jane Swift (R-FlagBearer) saying "in case you hadn't noticed, the Executive Office of Public Safety and all the agencies that report to it had a lot of reform that they had to go through. This thing has been a mess a long time and we are going to get it right."

Team Reform has been on charge for over a year, yet the disarray in the ME’s office is not their fault because "it had a lot of reform that they had to go through"? (source: Boston Globe, 1/13/2004)

Translation – it’s not Romney's fault. He is simply mopping up.

Sounds strangely like … the Beacon Hill Salute, which Willard Mitt described as "when you point to someone else when things go wrong and to yourself when it goes right." (source: Boston Herald, 9/25/2002)

Wow. In office for just a year and Romney is saluting like a pro.

No wonder he wants to be called "Ike." (source: Boston Globe, 1/21/2003)


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