Monday, January 12, 2004
Romney Courting Ethics Charge?

According to those who know, Willard Mitt went to the New England Patriots playoff game against the Tennessee Titans, and sat in Donald Trump's box. (source: Boston Herald, 1/11/2004)

Wait a minute. Not four months ago, Romney was on WFXT proclaiming that politicians should not have special access to sporting event tickets. (see RiaF, 10/9/2003)

We hope the Fraud Governor has a cancelled check, showing he paid full and fair market value for those ducats.

Particularly since the Donald has long had his eye on building a casino in Massachusetts - and Romney has been decidedly casino friendly. And while Willard Mitt's gambling guise has slipped as of late, Trump also has a history of helping sponsor Indian casinos. (source: Boston Globe, 4/6/2003) So it is not a stretch to say that he and Team Reform could be determining state gaming policy in the very near future.

Which could be fodder for some fairly interesting discussions.


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