Thursday, January 29, 2004
Romney Continues to Coddle Criminals

Willard Mitt is loyal – you’ve got to give him that. Unless, of course, you’re that mobbed-up Belmont selectman that Romney dropped like a stone, or those Utah Olympic organizers he tried to steamroll, or Jane Swift, or Jim Rappaport.

Okay, so he’s not loyal.

But when Romney has an idea he sticks with it. Like not approving any transportation projects until he compiles a statewide triage policy. Or not increasing taxes. Or not hiring political insider hacks.

Okay, so he doesn’t stick with his ideas.

But Romney is consistent with his coddling of the criminal set.

Remember how Willard Mitt last year vetoed that $75 annual registration fee for sex offenders? (see Riaf, 7/9/2003) Well guess what popped up in Outside Section 7 (lucky seven!) of Romney’s FY2005 budget proposal? Yep. The Fraud Governor wants to repeal the $75 annual sex offender registration fee. Again. (source: office of (fraud) governor, Fy2005 budget proposal, outside section 7)

This just weeks after promising to get tough on sex offenders. (source: Cape Cod Times, 11/25/2003)

What’s beautiful about Romney’s proposal is that the ‘offending’ section is simply titled “registry fee repeal.” A lazy reporter scanning the 419 outside sections would see that three-word description, assume it was a Registry of Motor Vehicle yawner, and move along.

Imagine the reaction had Romney called that section “Sex Offender Registry Fee Repeal.”

Outrage. Indignation. Invective! Or something.

This is not to say that Romney has not proposed real public safety reform in his budget document. The Fraud Governor is proposing that the Department of Public Safety … be renamed. It will now be called (drum-roll please) the Department of Inspection and Regulation.

Former Gov. Jane Swift (R-FlagBearer), hang your head in shame that you never came up with such a cutting edge reform!


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