Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Lightweight LG Under Wraps?

She's baaack. Sort of.

Lightweight Lieutenant Governor Sherry Kerry Healey recently came back from vacation and hit the public relations trail.

Perhaps she should have stayed in Florida.

Last week, Healey, whom Willard Mitt calls his 'criminal justice expert' (source: Lawrence Eagle Tribune, 8/26/2002), announced a $4 million tax package to help create a safe house for victims of domestic violence, then proceeded to pinpoint the exact street address of the future domestic violence safe-house. (source: office of (fraud) governor, “Healey announces $4.6M to house domestic violence victims,” 1/9/2004)

Note to criminal justice expert Sherry Kerry: domestic violence safe-houses are safe because their locations are not disclosed to the public.

This week, Team Reform tried again, sending Healey to Lynn to “recognize the importance of business investment and job creation.” The accompanying press release, authored by the stout, Reese Witherspoon-wannabe dye-job aide to Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman, showed how much faith the Fraud Governor has in his titular second-in-command. It was titled “Romney Honors Traditional Breads with Inner City Award” despite the fact that Romney was nowhere near Lynn when the ‘honor’ was bestowed. (source: office of (fraud) governor, “Romney honors Traditional Breads with Inner City Award,” 1/12/2004)

Which only proves the point that, as far as Team Reform is concerned, even when Sherry Kerry is front and center, please don't bother tryin' to find her - she's not there.


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