Thursday, January 15, 2004
High Times in Holyoke

Willard Mitt is concerned about drugs. Not concerned enough to fully fund drug treatment and education programs in Framingham, Boston or Quincy, which his FY03 budget crippled (source: Boston Globe, 10/11/2003) but concerned enough to ask Holyoke students if their school has a heroin problem. (source: Springfield Republican, 1/12/2004)

Sadly the students were unable to answer Romney’s questions. According to local police, there has never been a heroin arrest or drug confiscation in the Holyoke Public Schools.

(Nice job on the briefing book, Reese.)

The Chimes have a nice take on Willard Mitt’s weirdness.

But could this plumb a darker issue?

By querying students about heroin, Willard Mitt can claim to be concerned about drug abuse, despite the fact that when he headed Bain Capital, Romney reaped profits from Nutraceutical International, which marketed ephedra-based products. (source: Boston Herald, 3/27/2003)

Now we don’t know exactly how many people are said to have died from ephedra, but we do know that the federal government has taken steps to ban the drug. (source: Associated Press, 12/30/2003)

So, do you think Willard Mitt still has investments in Nutraceutical? (source: Boston Herald, 5/27/2002)

And do you think that Neutraceutical executives are still raising Romney campaign contributions? (source: Boston Herald, 8/19/2002)

If so, there may have been a drug problem in Holyoke last week, but it left town when the Fraud Governor’s motorcade hit the Turnpike.


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