Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Electronics and Eyes For You

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Romney's Public Safety Secretary, Ed "Easy On Crime" Flynn, wants to sell a plasma television that the former administration bought. (source: Boston Herald, 1/20/2004) According to Flynn, the wide-screen wonder was purchased in June 2002.

Which means the Swift administration used the TV for seven months. Flynn, who was appointed in January 2003, has been using it for twelve months.

And he only now realized he should sell it?

Perhaps the Fraud Governor can hold a 'bakesale' on the Beacon Street sidewalk. Along with the plasma-vid, he can sell the fifteen-ultrasharp flat-screen computer moniters, the $757 color laser jet printer, and the $170 CD-burner that the taxpayers bought his office. (source: Boston Herald, 11/16/2003)

He can also off-load any spare parts that the Medical Examiners office still has floating around.

Team Reform: Audio, video, eyeballs, arm sockets and a boatload of empty rhetoric.


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