Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Counting Crows, or Idon'tknow Ianno

After promising to go to New Hampshire to do hand-to-hand combat with John Kerry (source: Boston Globe, 1/13/2004), Willard Mitt, the Man From Hype, went north and ... attended a "sparse luncheon" with several women of a local Republican federation. (source: Boston Globe, 1/28/2004)

Romney, who campaigned against affordable housing yet now supports affordable housing, and promised to not raise taxes in Massachusetts then raised taxes in Massachusetts, criticized Kerry for coming down on both sides of several issues.

The Fraud Governor, who dodged the draft during the Vietnam War, also criticized Kerry's position on the war in Iraq. Romney then straddled the political fence by stating that he personally likes the Purple Heart-decorated war veteran.

It is not known whether Willard Mitt regaled the gals with tales of Massachusetts State Republican Committee hitman Don Ianno's powers of prognostication.

Sherman, set the WayBack Machine to July 30, 2003 ....

Hey, look! It's Dead-Eye Dom, himself. Let's listen to what he's mewling.

"The pressure from Howard Dean has created a serious identity crisis for John Kerry, who can't seem to decide where he stands on a number of key issues. It's a growing trend - the more the voters of New Hampshire and the rest of the nation learn about John Kerry's inability to take clear positions on the issues, the more he drops in the polls." (source: Mass. GOP, "Sen. Kerry Continues to slip in polls," 7/30/2003)

Uh, Dom, Kerry won Iowa by six percent, and he won New Hampshire by twelve percent. You can give Angry Eric Kriss back his calculator, now.

And as you spit out your mouthful of black feathers we ask that you keep your chins up, Dom. Your two-state prediction was only off by ... two states.

Close enough for Team Reform work.


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