Monday, January 19, 2004
Classification Clarification

It may be a modern day record. Not even one full day after renewing his pledge to not raise taxes, the Fraud Governor raised taxes.

On Thursday, Romney stood before the Commonwealth and said, “in case anybody has any other ideas: I will not raise taxes.” (source: office of (fraud) gov, State of the State address, 1/15/2004)

Note he did not say ‘I will not raise new taxes’ or ‘I will not raise sales taxes’ or ‘I will not raise sin taxes.’ He said, “I will not raise taxes.”

Then Friday, Romney signed a tax classification bill that will “ease property tax increases for residents in about 50 communities - by as much as 50 percent in the city Boston - at the expense of business, some of which will pay more.” (source: SHNS, 1/16/2004)

Wait a minute. You think we’re being unfair because the bill necessary? It doesn’t really matter, does it? Because Romney did not say ‘I will not raise unnecessary taxes,’, he said “I will not raise taxes.”

According to the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, Romney’s latest tax hike could lead to company operations being downsized, fewer jobs being available, cuts in employee benefits and tenants relocating to lower cost tax jurisdictions. (source: aimnet.org, 12/30/03)

Wait a minute. You think we’re being unfair because Romney had no choice but to support the legislation.

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to November 2003. What's that Romney is saying? "I will reserve my support for any legislation the commission recommends due to my concern that this measure has the potential to create an adverse impact on business opportunities and job creating in the Commonwealth." (source: Boston Herald, 11/29/2003)

Gosh. And he signed the bill. Which means he supports the legislation.

Now, in Romney’s defense, the property classification tax increase was the first time he’s raised taxes since … November - when the unemployment tax on employers was increased by $1.4 billion dollars. (source: office of (fraud) gov, “Romney allows UI bill to become law without signature,” 11/25/2003)

And as the UI tax increase press release title states, Romney let the bill to become law without his signature.

Which means he took the coward’s way out. He could have vetoed the bill (to stay true to his promise not to raise taxes) but he chose not to.

Wait a minute. You think we’re being unfair because, after all, the Fraud Governor never promised “I will not lie.”

You have us there.


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