Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Willard Hoover

Looking like George H.W. Bush at a supermarket scanner, the Fraud Governor recently rode the Blue Line to publicize his plan to create “development where it is needed,” residences and workplaces in proximity to transit and the creation of active pedestrian districts around transportation hubs. (source: Office of (Fraud) Gov, “Romney kicks off transit-oriented development initiative,” 12/17/2003)

According to Team Reform, “the MBTA, which is the second-largest landowner in the Commonwealth, will demonstrate these practices through development on its
own property and by offering certain communities strategic assistance for this kind of development.”

Back when he was Winter Games chef, Willard Mitt was chastised for failing to develop housing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake Impact 2002 and Beyond, a watchdog group, gave Romney and his Salt Lake Organizing Committee a ‘D minus’ in housing and community development for creating 156 units of affordable housing out of a goal of over 2,000 units. (source: Deseret News, 2/9/2002)

Romney, meanwhile, expressed apathy toward the creation of affordable housing, saying brutally “people of all different economic situations are living in our community and that's the way it should continue.” (source: Associated Press, 4/5/1999)

But that was then.

Now the Fraud Governor wants to aggregate T riders and put 'those people' in a common area where they can live and work.

Is it just us, or does this scheme sound familiar?

No matter. If the Transit Ghettos come to fruition, we propose each be fronted with an ‘if you lived here you’d be home-type' plaque:

“Welcome to Romneyville, USA.”


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