Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Team Reform is Whacko

While pronouncing his opposition to gay marriage, Willard Mitt said "at the same time, we should (be) providing the necessary civil rights and certain appropriate benefits" to same-sex couples. (source: Boston Globe, 11/21/2003)

And his loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman preened "the (fraud) governor is not a social crusader. He did not run for office to crusade for or against gay rights. But sometimes issues are forced upon you, and they require a response. . . . The governor has taken a consistent, principled position."

Romney had previously said gays should receive the same work, social and family benefits as married couples -- except for the right to be married. "I draw the line there," he said. (source: Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 8/10/2003)

So Romney supports protecting civil rights and social benefits for gays? And takes consistent, principled positions?

A U.S. Magistrate Judge has ruled that Whacko Hurley and the other South Boston parade organizers can force gays to march in a ‘separate but equal’ parade next St. Patricks Day. (source: Boston Herald, 12/30/2003)

So when can we expect the Fraud Governor to fly back from vacation so that Team Reform can hold a press conference assuring us they will protect the civil rights and social benefits of parade-minded gays?

Or is this a job for the Lieutenant Governor?

Too bad we don't have one.


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