Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Six for the Season

Remember how Willard Mitt abolished the MDC to get rid of all those redundant management positions? (see RiaF 7/15/2003)

Well, in this, the 'worst economic time since the Great Depression' (cough), your state government is hiring. And not just any agency - the Department of (MDC Job) Conservation and Recreation, otherwise known as DCR.

Team Reform is looking to fill six, count ‘em, six management positions at what we used to call the MDC. They are looking to hire:

a Deputy Commissioner for Operations;
a Deputy Commissioner for Administration and Finance;
a Deputy Commissioner for Planning and Engineering;
a Director of the Division of Urban Parks and Recreation;
a Director of the Division of State Parks and Recreation; and,
a Director of the Division of Water Supply Protection.

Note the published qualifications: preferred applicants must have 7-10 years of related management experience and relevant education. (source: Boston Globe, 12/14/2003)

Can you spell bag-job?

With Team Reform calling the shots, the big winner in the Somerset Street sweepstakes will most likely be William McKinney - the failed congressional candidate who headed the MDC earlier this year and who's been living in a spider hole since the Fraud Governor named him acting director of the urban parks division.

Wait a minute. Does McKinney have 7-10 years of related management experience?


Note to (failed Melrose-mayoral candidate and former MDC commissioner) Dave “Red Dog” Balfour: Please come home; all is forgiven.


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