Thursday, December 11, 2003
Romney A Security Adviser? What Noncents!

If you claimed to launch the “largest anti-terrorism deployment since 2001” while implementing policies which downsized local public safety forces to a point where your own Secretary of Public Safety called it “an ugly, ugly, ugly, forced-choice, zero-sum game for everyone” (see RiaF, 9/9/2003) do you think you’d be rewarded?

You would if you were the Fraud Governor. Because just this week, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom “Duct Tape” Ridge appointed Willard Mitt to an advisory council recommending security measures. (source: Boston Globe, 12/9/2003)

We trust Romney will not recommend downsizing local public safety forces as an effective method of improving security.

Of course, Ridge and Romney have a history together. In 2001, Ridge helped provide Winter Games chef Romney and the Salt Lake Olympics “the largest domestic security operation in the nation's history” including having FEMA fly 400 missions to secure restricted airspace. (source: Deseret News, 3/9/2002)

And earlier this year, Romney helped take pressure off Ridge at a time local officials across the country were clamoring for for increased funding by claiming that local entities do not, in fact, want money.

Romney, incredulously said “This isn't a matter of money, this is a matter of establishing procedures and working groups that continue to strengthen our intelligence capability and the communication of intelligence across different levels of government.” (source: Stateline.org, 8/25/2003)

(Just like the Commonwealth, eh Fraudo? Local officials don't want local aid; what they really want are procedures and working groups. Sure sure.)

So now Ridge and Romney are officially a team. We hope they make great strides together, and suggest they start by trying to find the Lightweight Lieutenant Governor.

Sherry Kerry Healey has not been seen in public since she went deep into the hinderlands to give tips on how to winterize homes. (see RiaF, 10/24/2003)

We’re afraid she’s been frozen out.


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