Monday, December 08, 2003
Post-Storm Post Mortem

The December blizzard was Team Reform's first opportunity to do something for the citizens of the Commonwealth. Since being sworn to office, Willard Mitt and his band have been working against - taxes, policies and politics. The storm gave them an opportunity to do something for the citizenry. However, judging from the quality of Storrow Drive and other state roads, they failed miserably.

As someone once said, any jerk can knock down a barn; it takes skill to build one.

Romney Breaks Special Interest Pledge

Question: who does Sue Bass like in the Super Bowl? On August 20, 2002, Bass (of Belmont) wrote a letter that is worth a second look:

"Voters disgusted that state governments serve special interests rather than the public interest should not expect much change if (Willard) Mitt Romney wins election. As the story on the astounding $1.9 million he has raised in campaign funds since March makes clear ("Romney fund-raising setting a record pace,'' Aug. 15, 2002) Romney will be indebted to the financial, real estate, and construction industries, and probably many others. (source: Boston Globe, 8/20/2002)

Of course, Willard Mitt claimed he would owe no one. In campaign debates he lambasted Democrat Shannon O’Brien for being “a tool of a labyrinth of lobbyists and special interests.” (source: Boston Herald, 9/25/2002)

But now it appears that over the past three months, Romney has helped the State Republican Party take hundreds of thousands of dollars from top executives of area financial, real estate, and venture capital firms, many of whom do business with state government or are looking for special (tax) legislation. (source: Boston Globe, 12/7/2003) These "donations" are from “wealthy private-sector special interests, almost all of which are active at the State House trying to influence government officials and state policies.”

Hey Willard Mitt, could you say that labyrinth thing again?

Back when he was nominated by the Republican State Convention, Romney said “I pledge no allegiance to any special interest group, no political machine, and no far left political ideology.” (source: Romney2002.com, 4/6/2002)

But after hob-nobbing with special interests, and hiring anyone who ever met Joe Malone, Romney has now broken two of his three Convention pledges.

Which only leaves his pledge to avoid pinko-leftie groups.

Sue Bass is no doubt taking bets on when Willard Mitt will join CPPAX.


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