Tuesday, December 02, 2003
One Hand Paves The Other?

Would you lookit this. According to news reports, the Federal Highway Administration has barred Aggregate Industries from participating in any new federally funded construction projects. Something to do with price-fixing charges involving MBTA bids. (source: Boston Herald, 12/1/2003)

(The company claims they are blameless. And we believe them. Sure sure.)

Strangely, a spokesman for the Feds claimed the suspension was delayed because of alleged inaction by U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan's office. Could one conclude that Sullivan’s inaction allowed Aggregate to participate in Big Dig related contracts from which they otherwise would have been barred? If so, Aggregate shoots and scores - with an assist from the former-Republican state representative from Abington.

Stranger still, Aggregate Industries is Willard Mitt’s favorite asphalt company. Company officials kicked in over $3,600 for Romney/Healey Inc in 2002 (back when it counted.)

But their biggest contribution came on June 24, 2002 when Aggregate 'made like a movie set' for one of the Fraud Candidate’s phoney "work days" and Willard Mitt joined the gang in Andover to help lay down some black gold. Sans helmet, of course.

And a good pol never forgets a favor, right?

So do you think Team Reform asked US Atty Sullivan to lay off Aggregate until the last few big Big Dig contracts had been completed?

If so, do you think that this was the first time that Romney and Sullivan joined forces? Last fall, shortly after Willard Mitt pounded Democrat Shannon O’Brien for working for Wellesley-based Community Care Systems, Fred Thacher, that company’s former CEO, pled guilty to tax, Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Did Sullivan tip off Romney that a deal was in the making? Did Romney ask Sullivan to help pressure Thacher into pleading?

Only their hairdressers (and asphalt pavers) know for sure.


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