Monday, December 22, 2003
May gives, may take

Willard Mitt is making noise about car insurance. On the cusp of the average insurance bill breaking the $1,000 barrier, Romney claims he is working on a solution. (source: Boston Globe, 12/18/2003) But he’s taking a Nixonian-ish stance on releasing details.

Great. While he's at it, he can also pretend to solve some of the other regulated payments that citizens are forced to pay – like natural gas prices.

Last week, NStar, one of our friendly natural gas companies, announced they would petition state regulators for a 6.6 percent rate hike. (source: Boston Globe, 12/20/2003) In a display of Romney-esque arrogance, NStar’s rate request followed a notice they would increase their quarterly dividend payment to investors by 2.8 percent. (source: Boston Herald, 12/19/2003)

We trust that the Thanksgiving photo-op showing NStar CEO Tom May serving turkey with the Fraud Governor (source: Boston Herald, 11/27/2003) was coincidental to NStar’s rate file. As was the $5,200 that May and 15 other NStar exec’s gave Team Reform in May 2003. (source: OCPF)

Sure sure.


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