Thursday, December 04, 2003
Long List of Connections for Judicial Nominee

Willard Mitt, the Fraud Governor of Massachusetts, who pledged to establish a judicial screening process free of political considerations yesterday nominated Keith C. Long for a seat on the Land Court. Long is a long-time friend and former co-worker of Leon Lombardi, who is the former head of the Republican State Committee. During Lombardi’s tenure as RSC Strongman, the RSC counsel was Daniel Winslow, who now serves as counsel to the fraud governor. (source: SHNS, 12/3/2003; Boston Globe, 11/13/1992)

Oh yeah, Leon Lombardi is now a judge, on (you guessed it) the Land Court. (source: Boston Globe, 6/29/2003)

Lombardi and Long worked together at Warner and Stackpole (which in 1999 merged with Kirkpatrick & Lockhart. (source: Boston Globe, 7/22/1992; law.emory.edu))

(Warner and Stackpole was very close with the administration of then-state Treasurer Joseph D. Malone. Through 1994, the firm earned more than $400,000 from bond work with Malone’s Treasury. The law firm also employed a former law partner of Joe Malone's top deputy, and attorney Rich Arrighi, a leading fund-raiser for Malone who was sentenced to a three-year jail sentence for his involvement in a $9.4 million embezzlement scheme. (source: Boston Globe, 6/28/1992; Boston Herald, 10/1/1999; Boston Globe, 9/27/2001))

So did Long’s relationship with Lombardi, and Lombardi’s relationship with Winslow have anything to do with the Fraud Governor’s nomination?

Stop it. After all, Willard Mitt promised to establish a judicial screening process free of political considerations.

It's certainly nice to see an independent, apolitical-type make something of himself.

Kim Thurlow

A tip of the RiaF cap to Kim Thurlow, a senior in the Winchendon public schools who yesterday confronted the Fraud Governor on how special ed students are supposed to deal with MCAS.

Romney's unctuous and patronizing response? After acknowledging that some disabled youth will have trouble passing the test, he said scrapping the graduation requirement would be detrimental as testing "points out to us where we as a group of old guys responsible for schools have some more work to be done. By testing our students, we're testing ourselves as educators and administrators and even political leaders to see where we are failing." (source: Boston Globe, 12/4/2003)

Translation: If you're unable to pass the exam, do not receive a high school diploma and can thereafter not obtain decent employment for the rest of your life don't take it personally because MCAS is a tool for 'grown ups.'

Ward 'this'll hurt me more than it hurts you' Cleaver would be proud.


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