Monday, December 01, 2003
Ike Romney Fails in Bid to Shortchange Military

Beware the Friday-just-before-or-after-a-holiday press release. It has even more potential for mischief then the typical Friday release.

Last March, one day after posing in a faux bomber jacket at the Otis National Guard base in Bourne (source: Boston Globe, 3/27/2003) Willard Mitt filed legislation to give additonal pay to state employees who had gone on active military leave.

However, his bill, to provide qualified military personnel with $6,000 (source: House No. 3739) was immediately denounced as 'tokenism' by members of the state Senate (source: Boston Herald, 4/11/2003) due to the fact that the salary gap between the average state employee and the average military personnel is $15,000. (source: (Fraud) Gov's message, H-3739)

Instead, the legislature filed language to provide qualified military personnel with complete salary protection. (source: Senate 1985) And that is the bill that was recently signed into law.

Romney's reaction? Take credit, of course.

The Fraud Governor, who spent the Vietnam War selflessly defending Parisian patisseries from the godless horde (see RiaF, 3/28/2003) released a press statement on the Friday after Thanksgiving which read, in part, "I support our troops overseas and recognize that families across Massachusetts are making sacrifices by having their loved ones away defending our nation. We don’t want them to also worry about paying their bills. This will help ease that burden for state employees.” (source: Office of (Fraud) Gov, “Romney lends a hand to state employees on military duty,” 11/27/2003)

You don't want them worrying about bills? Then why did you propose that they receive but $6,000, and for the benefit to stop in early October 2003? (source: H-3739)

What a turkey. When it comes to Romney, the only thing military men and women can be thankful for is that the Fraud Governor has as much legislative juice as an after-dinner mint.

One can only guess what Romney's pathetic press machine will release on the Friday before Christmas.


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