Monday, December 29, 2003

So Willard Mitt wants to make Massachusetts citizens feel more secure? He might start by doing something about Public Safety Secretary Edward A. Flynn, who today stands accused of white-washing inside information of departmental breakdowns until whistle-blowers, “fed-up with Flynn’s inaction,” contacted the FBI. (source: Boston Globe, 12/23/2003)

It was only after departmental complaints were taken outside the system that Flynn “declared that he had uncovered problems in the grant program and had initiated an investigation into allegations of misuse of the money.”

Flynn’s mendacity was confirmed by Christine Cole, the Secretary’s deputy chief of staff, who said Public Safety employees told of allegations of grant money misuse back in January of 2003.

So what other security short-comings is Secretary Flynn covering up?

And when can we expect our Fraud Governor to fly back from vacation and hold a press conference to assure us that he is doing everything to keep us safe from … our state government?


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