Friday, December 26, 2003
Flight of Fancy

The headline was priceless: “Romney flies back from vacation.”

Papers across the state reported that in response to heightened security concerns, Willard Mitt flew home from vacation to oversee the Bay State's jump to threat level orange. (source: Boston Herald, 12/22/2003)

They even included a cool, gubernatorial quote: "We are planning a substantial increase in the deployment of personnel, and that's primarily law enforcement personnel. Police and fire will be far more visible in some of the areas of critical infrastructure in the commonwealth."

The state’s official web-site continued the charade, four-walling “December 22- Governor Mitt Romney provided an update on the state's emergency preparedness efforts associated with the increase in the national threat level." Replete with a 360 x 244 pixel picture, in full color, of Romney calming the public. (source: mass.gov 12/22/2003 – 1/7/2004 and counting)

But then on Tuesday, “Acting Gov. William Galvin signed legislation giving cities and towns the option of waiting a month to mail out third-quarter tax bills.” (source: SHNS, 12/23/2003)

Huh? We thought Willard Mitt flew home to oversee security? So why was Secretary of State Bill Galvin the “Acting Gov?”

“Galvin (was) acting governor while Gov. Mitt Romney and Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey (were) out of state for the holidays.” (source: SHNS, 12/23/2003)

Maybe our sources were right. Because, as we heard it, the Fraud Governor flew in on Sunday at 9:00 p.m., held a press conference to show he was large and in charge, and was back on a plane to Utah by Monday afternoon. (source: source)

Thank goodness Mass.Gov didn’t post a 360 x 244 pixel picture of Romney boarding his return flight. The image of the Fraud Protector leaving the state hours after bragging that he had returned to oversee security would have likely caused panic in the street.

At least near 85 Merrimac Street in Boston.


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