Monday, November 03, 2003
What's Really Driving Perley Flight?

The highly respected Northeastern University's Center for Labor Market Studies recently released a study showing the state’s economy condition is worse than that of the nation as a whole (source: Boston Globe, 10/30/2003).

The highly suspected Fraud Governor responded with a photo op to highlight his “proposal to provide tax rebates to companies that create new manufacturing jobs in the biotechnology, life sciences and medical device industries.” (source: Office of (Fraud) Governor, “Romney works for resurgence of Massachusetts Economy,” 10/30/2003)

To “prove” that his proposal was not just empty task force rhetoric, Romney trotted out Christopher Perley, the Managing Director of Wyeth Bioxpharmaceuticals, to recite “the tax rebate is exactly the type of incentive that global companies like Wyeth need in order to focus and maintain jobs in Massachusetts.”

Whoops. Looks like Team Reform recruited the wrong shill.

It's true that Christopher Perley, who gave Romney $500 in October 2002 (when it actually mattered), has demanded governmental action, and threatened to move his company if he doesn’t get what he wants.

But his gripe is not about tax policy.

According to a local newspaper, “Wyeth Bioxpharmaceuticals is the local division of a New Jersey-based company. It employs 1,700, and is located in an office park near Route 93 in Andover. According to managing director Christopher Perley, Wyeth’s growth hinges on the state improving highway access.”

Perley wants the State to build a new highway ramp to alleviate the 5:00 p.m. parking lot traffic jam. His actual quote was “Wyeth has sites all over the world where we could expand. If the delays continue and it costs more money, we'll go somewhere else.” (source: Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 4/15/2003)

But now Perley claims that all Wyeth needs to commit to the Commonwealth is a tax rebate?

So when were you lying, Managing Director Perley, last April or last week?

And Willard Mitt, is it too much to ask that your shills be consistent about their threats to leave the state?


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