Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Romney is a (Camera) Mugger

Hey hey kids, it's time for 'Capture the Caption,' a semi-sometime feature of RiaF where you, the reader, get to guess what is really going on in a topical news shot.

Today's photo is featured on page 5 of the Boston Herald. It shows the Fraud Governor leaning into and embracing a (frightened?) Gold Star mother during yesterday's Veteran's Day ceremony.

Is the Fraud Governor:

1) about to bite her nose?

2) describing where he found the best Parisian breakfast pastries when he was dodging the draft during the Vietnam War?

3) explaining how Eric "Human Triage" Kriss will soon be tightening the Medicaid eligibility rules?

4) saying/doing something else?

Send your entry care to the Rat Line.

Operators are standing by!


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