Monday, November 24, 2003
Romney: ‘HOT times ahead’

Last year, Willard Mitt's Commuter’s Bill of Rights promised to reduce traffic congestion. (source; Boston Herald, 9/6/2002) It contained typical Romney fluff: provide clear guidance to transportation authorities, give a voice to all who sit in traffic, and have the governor take responsibility for transportation. (source: Romney2002.com, Commuter bill of rights, 9/4/2002)

Sherry Kerry Healey said the plan would result in lower road costs. She criticized Jim Rappaport’s plan to put tolls on the New Hampshire border as a “back door” tax hike, and said “instead of putting up new tolls, we should be looking to find ways to provide relief to taxpayers and toll payers."

She also said, "adding more and more toll booths throughout the state is not the answer to our fiscal problems." (source: Romney2002.com, Healey criticized Rappaport for proposing “Back Door” tax hike,” 8/26/2002)

So, now that the Fraud Governor is "responsible for transportation" how does he plan on fighting congestion?

By adding more toll booths, of course.

Romney’s Transportation Secretary is proposing "an entirely new toll system in which drivers would be charged for the use of premium lanes during rush hour. The High-Occupancy Toll Lanes (HOT Lanes) could be incorporated into any new or expanded roadway in the state." (source: Boston Globe, 11/22/2003)

By a happy coincidence, the national consulting firm DeLoitte & Touche recently issued a report on how "road user pricing" could reduce traffic congestion. (source: DeLoitte.com, “Road User Pricing Could Help Ease And Manage U.S. Traffic Congestion Deloitte Research Highlights Effective Examples of Road User Pricing,” 11/4/2003)

And by a still happier coincidence, DeLoitte employees have given Romney/Healey Inc more than $12,000 from 2002 to 2003. (For a bit of perspective, DeLoitte employees last year gave Democratic gubernatorial candidate Shannon O’Brien less than $1,400.) (source: OCPF)

We wonder if DeLoitte & Touche owns any of the "road user pricing" action.

We also wonder if DeLoitte's contributions and Romney’s HOT new toll proposal have a “back door” connection?

If Jim Morrison were alive today he'd be spinning in his grave.


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