Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Romney Forgets Alzheimer’s Council?

It’s one of our favorite lines describing Willard Mitt. “Romney savors both the big picture and the smallest detail.” (source: skimag.com, March/April 2001) It makes him seem so … competent.

So let’s see how competent Willard Mitt has been in conforming to his office’s budgetary responsibilities.

Those of you following along at home may wish to turn to line-item 0411-1000. It’s on page 21 of the Conference Committee report.

Ready? Let’s begun.

“The offices of the (fraud) governor” were appropriated $5,432,067 for fiscal year 2004. (source: FY 2004 Budget) FY2004 stated on July 1. The first quarter ended on September 30. We are now in the second quarter of FY2004.

Line item 0411-1000 is nine lines long. It can be read in approximately one minute. Two minutes if you read ‘wicked slow.’

It contains two “provided’s”. Provided's are similar to conditions. You can have a hat, provided you have a head.

The (fraud) Governor's budgetary provided's are simple: one mandates the (fraud) governor’s commission on mental retardation; the other “that the advisory council on Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, as established in the office of the (fraud) governor by section 379 of chapter 194 of the acts of 1998, and section 80 of chapter 236 of the acts of 2000, shall continue during fiscal year 2004.”

The key word is “shall.”

Yes, we looked up section 379 of chapter 194 of the acts of 1998, and section 80 of chapter 236 of the acts of 2000. Both require that “such (alzheimer's advisory) council shall meet not less than quarterly,” among other things. (source: MGL)

Hmmm. In order to satisfy the budgetary requirements of line-item 0411-1000, the Alzheimer’s advisory council must meet not less than quarterly during 2004.

Yet it is November, and the Council has yet to meet once. Which means that Team Reform has failed the basic tenets of line-item 0411-1000. Which means that Willard Mitt is improperly diverting $5.4 million of the taxpayers money!

Quick, someone call Eric "Human Triage" Kriss! We've found another Taker!

Zoiks, it’s a good thing the Fraud Governor is such a hands-on guy. Who knows what shape we’d be in if he didn’t savor both the big picture and the smallest detail!


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