Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Know Your Depression-Era Governors

Quick, name five Depression-era governors of the Commonwealth. If you said Frank G. Allen (1929-1931), Joseph B. Ely (1931-1935), James M. Curley (1935-1937), and Charles F. Hurley (1937-1939), you're right! (source: Manual of the General Court, 1967-1968 edition, page 316)

And the fifth, of course, is Willard Mitt, who is (fraud) governing during the worst economic period since the depression, at least according to his secretary of A&F, Eric "Human Triage" Kriss.

Now, let's see how well you know your depression-era governors.

Which depression-era governor established the Massachusetts Transit Authority and the state's Industrial Commission? If you said Frank Allen, you were cor-rect! (source: State House Library)

Which depression-era governor began a series of public works projects to stem unemployment? If you said Joseph Ely, you were cor-rect!

Which depression-era governor forced banks and utilities to lower their rates, advocated conservation projects, a forty-eight hour work week, and improved old age pension laws? If you said James Michael Curley, you were cor-rect!

Which depression-era governor regulated the use of private police in strikes, imposed a minimum wage for women and children, and vetoed the law requiring teachers to take loyalty oaths? If you said Charles Hurley, you were cor-rect!

Which depression-era (fraud) governor spent $7,868 on techno-toys, $22,385.29 for new furniture, and $22,265 for plane tickets, hotels and gas for meetings, conferences and events in Utah, Indiana and Washington DC? (source: Boston Herald, 11/16/2002) If you said Willard Mitt, you were cor-rect!

The only question now is how long until Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman tells us that the Fraud Governor's spending spree was simply Team Reform's attempt to jump-start the local economy.


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