Friday, November 14, 2003
Home of the Whopper

Republican State Committee Strongman Darrell Crate sends out periodic e-mails that are regularly filled with sour tidbits, vapid fluff and shameless distortions. That said, his latest piece hit a new low.

Let's go right to the tape:

Beacon Hill Update
-Romney Signs Bill to Restore Inland Fish and Game Fund
-New law will keep federal aid flowing to Bay State wildlife efforts

'In a move that will preserve more than $4 million in federal matching funds, (fraud) Governor Mitt Romney recently signed into law a measure to restore the Inland Fish and Game Fund, a sportsmen- and women-funded account that helps fund the state's wildlife restoration and maintenance efforts.

'"The future of wildlife funding in Massachusetts is secure with the signing of this bill into law," said (Willard Mitt). "These funds will continue to benefit all Massachusetts citizens as we work to promote strong environmental stewardship and recreation."

'This year's budget eliminated the Inland Fish and Game Fund as a dedicated fund. After learning that this change could jeopardize federal funding for the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, Romney filed legislation to restore the fund.' (source: Bay State Republican, 11/10/2003)

There’s more, but you get the point. Crate credits the Fraud Governor for saving the Inland Fish and Game Fund.

What he neglects to mention, however, is that the only reason the Fund was in trouble in the first place was because Romney’s rapacious A&F secretary, Eric “Human Triage” Kriss, redirected its monies into the General Fund.

But now Romney is to be credited with saving the thing?

This is like thanking Typhoid Mary for giving you a handkerchief, after she’s coughed in your face.

Turns out, however, that we’re not the only ones casting a baleful eye on Team Reform’s claim of the Fraud Governor’s heroics.

The following is excerpted from noreast.com, a site dedicated to fishing and fishermen. It seems they rejected Strongman Crate’s memo, too.

“Then along came Governor Mitt "Smiley" Romney and his tighten-your-belts-another-notch-folks 2004 budget plan and, whoops, there went some $15 million dollars disappearing into the Massachusetts General Fund never to be seen again. At least not by any fish related programs. Seems Old (Willard) Mitt's 2004 budget effectively repealed the Inland Fish and Game fund, a dedicated fund from the sale of hunting, fishing and trapping permits and fees, thus diverting all monies from this fund into the general fund.

”But there was one small hitch in Smilin' (Willard) Mitt's money grab. Turns out the feds did not find his fiscal tactics amusing at all. In fact, they threatened to hold up nearly five million bucks in federal funds if the boys at the statehouse didn't get those monies back into the Inland Fish and Game fund from whence they were lifted by the nimble fingers of Mitt's money men. And, lo and behold, that news raised such a clamor from angry sportsmen, read: angry VOTERS, that it drove the message home to the pols and, by darn, if today's Boston Globe doesn't say it was all just a big misunderstanding and of course the (fraud) Guv's beancounters meant to return those funds all along. Yessir, that's just what (Willard) Mitt intended, plus no new taxes (well, maybe a few extra "fees" but what-the-heck) no cuts to essential services (That's if you don't consider health coverage for the poor an essential service)and, presto, a balanced budget. Amazing, huh?” (source: noreast.com)

Amazing isn't the word we were thinking of, but it'll do.


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