Wednesday, November 05, 2003
The Forgettable Fraud

Last night, the Fraud Governor did the Homer Stokes thing again on WRKO (this time as a guest.)

When asked about a report by the state Auditor on fiscal abuses at the Massachusetts Health and Educational Facilities Authority, Willard Mitt said, "I don't even know what HEFA is." (source: Howie Carr Show, WRKO, 11/4/03)

HEFA helps hospitals and schools sell bonds to finance capital projects. It's headed by a nine-member board, all of whom are appointed by the governor to seven-year terms. The Authority's website lists one board-member, John Fish, as having a term which expires on July 1, 2010. Which means his seven-year term started in 2003. (Psst. That's this year.) (source: mhefa.org)

Which means that Fish was appointed by ... the Fraud Governor.

Not exactly a memorable appointment, eh Fraudo?


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