Friday, November 07, 2003
All's Fare That Ends Well

We’re not sure where to focus today: Romney raises MBTA fees (source: Boston Globe, 11/7/2003), Romney appoints Malone moll to Lottery Commission (source: SHNS, 11/6/2003) , Romney blames problems of his Sex Offender Registry on the Judiciary (source: Boston Herald, 11/7/2003) or, Romney education advisor called ethics cheat and influence seller. (source: Boston Herald, 11/7/2003)

Wait a minute - back when the MBTA fare increase was just a threat, Romney’s transit peeps said that the lack of new revenue would cause service disruptions, to wit: “20 bus routes will be axed, Night Owl service will be discontinued, and 50-100 percent of all Saturday and Sunday service will be eliminated.” (source: dotnews.com, 9/18/2003)

Hey hey! The MBTA fare hike saved the Night Owl, which an MBTA spokesman described as "a last call cab" that caters to passengers who are "intoxicated and lively after a night of drinking." (source: NU News, 9/20/01)

We’ve got it: Drunk College Kids Thank The Fraud Gov!


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