Saturday, September 20, 2003
With MA Workers Hurting, Romney/Healey Hire NH Firm

Lightweight Lt Gov Sherry Kerry Healey did not have a good week.

On Friday, Healey went to Hudson to announce a $3 million state ‘investment’ in the Assabet Valley Bike (Rail) Trail. (source: Office of (Fraud) Gov, Healey Breaks Ground on Assabet Rail Trail, 9/19/2003)

(Note to Eric Kriss – please give us your ‘this is the worse economic crisis since the Depression’ analogy one more time?)

Healey's accompanying press release stated that the project had been awarded to Steven and Roger Contracting Corporation of Lowell, Massachusetts.

Really? Because according to public records, Steven and Roger Contracting Corporation is a New Hampshire company. Its president (Roger Ploof, Jr) lives in Pelham, as does its treasurer. Its clerk is from Salem, NH, and its principle office is at 52 Windham Road, Pelham, NH, 03076. (source: www.state.ma.us/sec)

Steven and Roger have hired Beverly Martel of Lowell to give them a Massachusetts mattress address, but this is a New Hampshire company, just as sure as Romney is a Fraud Governor.

This when the state’s unemployment rate hit 5.8 percent, a nine-year high. (source: Boston Herald, 9/20/2003)

Thanks for nothing, Fraudo.

Earlier in the week, Healey announced the hiring of the first commissioner of the Department of (MDC Job) Conservation and Recreation, which was created to replace ‘the patronage-laden’ Metropolitan District Commission. (source: Boston Herald, 9/17/2003)

However, she refused to say whether the old MDC patronage had been sent to the curb, or simply put in the recycling bin.

For example, we could not see if former MDC acting commissioner William McKinney (R – Lost to Sprague in Primary) was at Healey’s announcement, however he was still answering his phone. So he is either Bartleby-ing, or hiding.

The MDC is dead? Long live the former MDC employees. David Balfour, you were robbed.


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