Thursday, September 18, 2003
Tagg, You’re It!

Remember all that talk about how Willard Mitt wanted to lead a revitalization of the Republican Party in Massachusetts, yet that despite Dom Ianno’s frantic fund-raising, the State Committee was barely able to keep its collective heads above water? (source: Boston Globe, 8/15/2003)

Remember those whispers that too many 'consultants' were bleeding the place dry? (source: massreform.com)

Do you think that they were referring to Tagg Romney? The Fraud Governor has stashed his eldest heir, Tagg, on the payroll of the Romney/Healey Committee to the tune of more than $24,000 in seven short months. (source: OCPF)

True, this is not quite “loathsome" money, but it’s a heck of a lot more than you would expect to pay someone who purportedly had enough to pay cash for his Marsh Street manse. (source: Boston Herald, 3/5/2002) Yes, purportedly.

Not that we begrudge Tagg’s tagging Republican blue-hairs for $3+G’s a month. After all, his $11,000 property tax must be a killer, (unless, of course, Tagg is following in the footsteps of his tax-delinquent father and stiffing the taxman.) (source: Boston Herald, 6/12/2002)

Not too long ago, Willard acknowledged he could not grift his son into a state job saying it “wouldn’t look right.” (source: Boston Magazine, 1/2003)

Once again, we agree with the Fraud Governor.

It’s nice to see that Tagg is cutting such an independent swath through life.


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