Friday, September 05, 2003
Romney Squeaks Out Support For Prostrate Cancer Prevention

Earlier this week the Fraud Governor hit new heights of, er … fraudulence, when he urged men to be tested for prostrate cancer, just months after vetoing $1 million dollars for Prostrate Cancer Prevention.

4513-1112 Veto $1,000,000
I am vetoing this item because it is not consistent with my House 1 recommendation.)

“This is a disease which kills hundreds of men every year and it doesn’t have to,” Willard Mitt preened at a “photo-opportunity” in his office where he shamelessly used advocates as props to mark prostrate cancer awareness month. (source: State House News, 9/2/2003)

To their credit, none of the advocates asked Romney why he had previously vetoed the prevention funds.

Romney seems intent practicing a “do as I say, not as I do” style of ‘leadership.’ It's almost as though he is trying to carve out a new wing of the Republican Party.

Call it the Bull Mouse Party. Their motto: “speak loudly and carry a small stick.”

Somewhere TR is not laughing.


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