Monday, September 22, 2003
Romney Say, Romney Do

Last week, Willard Mitt said he would support the California Recall Election “candidacy of one of the Republicans. I will at some point decide who I think stands the best chance of being elected governor, and who'd be the best governor of the state, and expect to support them any way I can.”

Looks like the Fraud Governor is either waiting for a poll, or doing what he does best: say one thing, and do something else.

Like not run for Governor: “If (Jane Swift) wants a second term, then she should be a flag bearer.” (source: Boston Herald, 8/22/2001)

Or not pick a lieutenant governor: “My plan is to have members of the Republican Party pick my running mate.” (source: Boston Globe, 3/21/2002)

Or not tap new revenue: “The easy way to fix any problem is to go to the people and say you have to pay more money, but that’s not what the job of management is.” (source: Boston Herald, 3/22/2002)

Or not cut vital programs: “Romney insisted he would be able to deal with the deficit by eliminating patronage and waste, using reserves and tobacco settlement money and securing more federal funds.” (source: Boston Herald, 12/6/2002)

So, do you believe that Romney has not picked a California candidate?

And is he backing McClintock, the staid Senator? Or Arnold, the misogynistic boor? (source: Boston Globe, 9/21/2003)

We’ve seen Team Reform. Romney’s with the horndog. (source: Boston Globe, 9/21/2003)

Bank on it.


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