Thursday, September 25, 2003
Romney Kills Death Squad’s Independence

The fix is in. Or the results will be tossed out.

That’s the only message one can take from the comments Willard Mitt made in the wake of announcing his Council on Capital Punishment (aka, Willard’s Death Squad.) (source: Boston Globe, 9/24/2003)

Romney once claimed that the death penalty would be a defining issue of his administration. However, earlier this year, when the Legislature held a hearing on the issue, the Fraud Governor was nowhere to be seen. (source: Boston Globe, 3/27/2003)

Of course, that was then.

Now it’s different. Why? Because Romney said so.

Willard’s Death Squad will ascertain whether or not science can be used to link defendants to crimes. However, Romney admitted that if his Death Squad “cannot fashion a foolproof system of determining guilt, it would not shake his support for the death penalty.” (source: Boston Globe, 9/24/2003)

In other words, ‘run around and make a lot of noise. And if you come back with something other than what I am looking for, don’t come back.’

Sounds like Bain and Co all over again. (Hello, Guinness!)

This is not the Fraud Governor’s first foray into forensic science. Not too long ago he dismissed ballistic fingerprinting, saying “the science was too new to be trusted.” (source: Massnews.com)

Note to Willard’s Death Squad: Ignore ‘new’ science.

Old science is presumably fair game. Assuming it returns Romney’s requested results.


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