Monday, September 29, 2003
Romney Gives Small Business Owners The Business

Willard Mitt has lowered his sights. Despite promising to implement a 100-day action plan to bring jobs to Massachusetts and traverse the country acting as the state’s top salesman, the Fraud Governor is now promising to … “cut red tape.” (source: Office of (Fraud) Gov., “Romney cuts red tape to help Bay State small businesses,” 9/25/2003)

And create a state Small Business Advocate.

So thanks for nothing, Fraudo. The last time we checked, small business owners worry about payroll, state-mandates, and fees. Yet Romney was silent on those issues.

For example, last year Romney threatened to index the state’s minimum wage to $6.96 by 2004. (source: Boston Globe, 7/25/2002) That three percent increase in business payrolls would not exactly be small-business friendly.

But the Fraud Governor’s Executive Decree said nothing of his intent to freeze or inflate the minimum wage.

And as for his vaunted Advocate, will the Advocate be able to argue retroactively on behalf of businesses who have been whacked into submission by fee increases?

Yeah, we thought not.

But in all fairness we recognize that Romney’s tank-is-empty small business plan could have been worse.

The former multi-level marketing maven could have handed out placards reading "Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!" "Work from home!" "Make cash with your computer!" (with a nod to the Ace of the Boston Herald, 10/25/2002)

(PS: Note to Ch. 25's VB, television adds ten pounds. Get BEHIND the desk!)


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