Monday, September 15, 2003
On Defending a Hack

Someone said that someone said that RiaF is nothing but partisan boilerplate. (source: Boston Phoenix, 8/22/2003) We respectfully say ‘pshaw.’

First, we’re not afraid to defend Willard Mitt when he is falsely accused. For example, some Democrats recently fluttered their eyelids long enough to denounce Romney’s stashing of "GOP loyalist Mary Jo Griffin in a new post at the Registry of Motor Vehicles" and claimed Griffin was a patronage hire, despite Romney’s repeated criticisms of state government patronage. (source: Boston Herald, 9/13/2003)

The root word of ‘patronage’ is patron. Griffin didn’t need a patron to get her Registry gig. She got it because she is a Republican in a Republican administration – i.e. a hack. True, her hubby is a sycophantic WBZ-am talk host, but she is already in the system. Ergo, according to the Rules of Beacon Hill, Romney should not be criticized for flooding the system with patronage detritus. He is merely shuffling a hack to a new fiefdom.

Besides, technically, Griffin was hired by Registrar Kim Hinden. If Hinden had hired Bob Platt, or a former aide to Sen. Tisei, perhaps other questions would be raised. (Insert audience gasp here.) But she didn’t. She hired a hack. Dog bites man, film at never.

Second, if we were the only voice calling Romney a fraud, then we would wear our hair shirt proudly, and go to the beach. However, we are not alone. In fact, some very prominent Republican activists are also calling the emperor ‘nek-ed.’

Mass Reform, (‘Republicans leading the charge for government reform in Massachusetts; A New Generation of Republicans changing the state Republican Party forever’) has taken to pointing out the Fraud Governor’s shortcomings and inconsistent blatherings.

Our favorite line to date: “Governor Romney set his sights on totally eliminating 1% of the waste and inefficiency on Beacon Hill. I’ll never forget standing in the rain in April of 2002 holding a “Let’s get rid of 1% of the waste in government” sign.” (source: www.massreform.com 8/18/2003)

Now that’s what we call Partisan Boilerplate!


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