Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Healey: 'Lie Your Way To Death!'

One of our favorite Willard Mitt moments came last year when the Fraud Candidate claimed his running matron, Sherry Kerry Healey, had written 'four books' on criminal justice. Even Healey fled Pinnochio Mitt's nose, calling her musings “white papers.” (source: Boston Globe, 10/28/2002)

Admit it, you may not respect Romney, but he probably makes you laugh.

Being big fans of Sherry Kerry (we love the way she rebuilt the Republican State Committee) we ran out and downloaded all four of her ‘books.’ We even read them. Okay, we skimmed. Okay, we did word searches.

But we have them. Really, we do.

And we were happy to see that Sherry Kerry, in all her wisdom and foresight, saw fit to include a section in her 1996 opus, “Preventing Gang- and Drug-Related Witness Intimidation,” on how lying witnesses can help prosecutors secure death penalty convictions.

“(W)itnesses who report that they can no longer recall what they saw or heard are free to take the stand and say, "I don't remember." That way the witness will not be held in contempt. (A lawyer) can (then) introduce the person's previous sworn statement from the preliminary hearing into evidence, and the jury can decide whether the discrepancy is based on fear of retaliation.” (source: National Criminal Justice Reference Service)

Sooo, if a witness really can't remember, Sherry Kerry is saying that a smart prosecutor can make it look like they are too afraid to remember, and that a sympathetic jury will assume that a frightened witness must be a truthful witness.

Sweet! Truth is not a prosecutorial prerequisite in capital punishment cases. Simon (Sherry Kerry) says.

Now what was that about trusting Team Reform to come up with the perfect death penalty again?


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