Friday, September 12, 2003
Flynn Blames Romney for Public Safety Cuts, May Mean Kaos

Last August, Willard Mitt and Kerry “Sherry Staples” Healey (R-Where is she?) unveiled a ‘criminal justice plan’ replete with ‘making judges more accountable’ and ‘ridding the courts of patronage’ and cracking down on sex offenders’ and providing help to victims of domestic violence.’ (source: romney2002.com, “Romney/Healey unveil criminal justice plan.’, 8/20/02)

Surprisingly, the ‘plan’ said nothing about downsizing local public safety forces. Yet this is what has happened, if you can believe Edward Flynn, Romney’s Secretary of Public Safety, who recently told a legislative panel that Romney and lawmaker imposed local aid cuts resulted in public safety layoffs. “This is an ugly, ugly, ugly, forced-choice, zero-sum game for everyone. No one's happy about that.” (source: Boston Herald, 9/11/2003)

Wow, a triple Ugly!

Get a gripe, Mr. Secretary. Last spring, your Fraud Boss announced the largest antiterrorism deployment since 2001 to protect the state's bridges, power plants, arenas, and public gathering places. (source: Boston Globe, 3/19/2003)

And he tipped his hand about the future of public safety.

"Citizens of the Commonwealth should not see a dramatic change,” Romney said, describing the deployment. “In most cases, security will be invisible. Plainclothes personnel and other resources are being deployed, but you will not notice a particular change in the way our Operation Liberty Shield is being carried out." (source: Boston Globe, 3/19/2003)

There you have it: ‘security will be invisible.’

Which is why we at RiaF suggest that next time Secretary Flynn wants to complain about local public safety staffing levels, he first break out the Cone-of-Silence, or use his shoe-phone to call Chief and check if, in fact, local public safety officials have been laid off, or if they have merely been rendered invisible, as part of an larger Romney plan.

Stay in CONTROL, Secretary. Otherwise, you’re only helping KAOS!


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