Saturday, September 06, 2003
37 (Minus) Unknown = Another Romney Fraud

Remember 'Is it live or is it Memorex'? Well, with Team Reform it's 'is it real or is it Romneyspeak?' Because each time Willard Mitt opens his mouth, his nose seems to grow just a wee bit longer.

Earlier this week, RiaF cast a baleful eye at the Fraud Governor's plan to eliminate the state Office of Affirmative action, and noted that when he was Winter Games Chef, Romney had a dubious record of minority hires. (source: Riaf, 9/4/2003)

Well, the Boston Herald's Howard Manly used a similar platform to reach for (and snag!) this week's brass ring. Manly found that 37.8 percent of the 1,804 people that Romney has hired since the first week in January are designated by Team Reform as minority hires. (source: Boston Herald, 8/29/2003)

Which made us say, Hey! During this, the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression, (that was for you, Eric 'the good Eric' Kriss), Romney has added 1,804 people to the state payroll?! Holy Moroni! Good thing he's a fiscal conservative! Unfortunately, it's made us use those damn exclamation marks again!

But Manly showed why he's a *Columnist.* He asked for a list of Romney's designated minority groups. And it turns out that Willard defines 'minority' as anyone who designated their race as 'unknown.' And almost 160 employees claimed to (cough) not know their (cough) racial makeup. (source: Boston Herald, 8/29/2003)

Which means that the reported percentage (37.8) of minority employees hired by Willard Mitt is wrong. It's over-blown. Exaggerated. Contrived. Made up. A charade. Long on smoke, sort on substance.

In short ... Romneyesque.


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