Friday, June 27, 2003
Romney's Damoned Past

Willard Mitt Romney is calling for UMASS President William Bulger to step down due to 'ethical lapses.' However, just last year, the Fraud Candidate refused to acknowledge his own ethical lapses that he suffered while sitting on the board of the shamed Damon Corp, which perpetrated one of the largest Medicare fraud cases in the history of the United States.

For example, Romney claimed that when confronted with evidence of fraud at Damon, he 'acted aggressively by seeking legal advice.' (source: Boston Globe, 10/25/2002) Hmm. Isn't this what Bulger said he did, too? Maybe Bulger was just following the lead of his (fraud) governor.

Romney expressed disgust with the UMASS trustees "contention that Bulger should stay because he hasn't been convicted of criminal wrongdoing - calling the argument 'totally inappropriate.' I personally have a much higher standard than that. We're looking for an individual whose character and management of the university reflects positively upon the university." (source: Boston Herald, 6/27/2003)

Yeah, sure. So why, last year, when confronted with evidence of corporate mismanagement and possible stock manipulation did Romney's strategist Mike Murphy say it was "misleadingly criticize Mitt Romney for a company he merely invested in but did not actively manage." And why was Murphy's bloviation followed by Romney's now loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman whining, "It's possible he was still a principal but he had no decision-making authority." (source: Boston Globe, 10/24/2002)

Or did they believe that the Governor shouldn't be an individual whose character and management of his investments reflected positively upon the Commonwealth?

Perhaps that's why Romney was elected Fraud Governor!


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