Wednesday, June 04, 2003
Romney Flips on Bulger

You knew it would happen. Almost nine months to the day he told Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby that he would not criticize UMASS president William Bulger for having a criminal brother ("Somehow that old biblical phrase about not being my brother's keeper seems to apply here." (source: Boston Globe, 9/5/2002)) the Fraud Governor unloaded and completed his slow-motion f-l-i-p.

Romney said he may now use to the University's "board of directors" (sic) to unseat the former Senate President. (source: Boston Globe, 6/4/2003)

What a guy. Let the word go forth, Willard Mitt Romney is taking on Bill Bulger. The Fraud Governor's courageous stand will surely be an example of all who define leadership in the future.

Romney is also expected to take a position on the Vietnam War very, very soon.


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