Saturday, June 28, 2003
Romney Completes Pay-Raise Flip, Finds Wee Bit of Tolman Courage

More than a two years after Warren Tolman stood up to House Speaker Tom (www.TomFinneran.com) Finneran at the Democratic Convention in Springfield, the Fraud Governor finally found the courage to stand up to the powerful Democrat and squeak "no."

Of course, Tolman's stand was a bit more public and forceful. Tolman parked a large billboard outside the convention hall with a sign stating that "the status quo has got to go." (source: Boston Herald, 6/10/2001) Romney released a "written statement" on the Friday before July 4th Week saying he would oppose Speaker Finneran's pay-raise proposal because it lacked checks and balances and was therefore "unacceptable." (source: Boston Herald, 6/28/2003)

(And remember, Romney's courageous stand is a flip from his previous pay-raise position - see April 15, 2003 in this blog's archives.)

Yawn. Either Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman is on vacation or the Corner Office is losing their fastball.

The only question now is how long will Romney stay in Finneran's face?

The early Vegas line says 'not too long.' Romney is expected to join hands with the House Speaker to kill Clean Elections. (source: Associated Press, 6/25/2003) Warren Tolman would not be proud.

So much for Romney the Reformer.

Maybe the Fraud Governor will shave his head and just look the part!


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